5 Reason Why You Should Never Throw A House Party!

5 Reason Why You Should Never Throw A House Party!

 We all here love partying, right? But if you’re planning to have a party at your place then YOU GOTTA READ THIS!! Yes, parties are super cool and all but think … do you really need these kinda liabilities in your life? 

Well,  here are the 5 major reasons why you should never throw a house party:  


1. After Mess  

We guess you aren't one of those people with friends who get together to play scrabble or watch YouTube dog videos'. Well, if that is the case scenario, haha.. you're in trouble, my friend. 

one big reason for not throwing a house party is you'd have to clean up everyone's mess.

and Ohh... 

if you thought you'd be getting any assistance for that then think again! because that ain't gonna happen. it'll be your own sweet lonely time picking up and cleaning all the clutter. 


2. The Sole Responsibility For Handling Your Neighbours 

Now, a party without loud peals of laughter, music, and hooting is NOT something you should be expecting. We mean, seriously, whom are we kidding? We all here know that the squad we're referring to is no less than a bunch of goons who don't follow no rules!! 

Ab halla hoga toh mohalla toh jaagega hi naa... aur galti se 'Aunty police bula legi' ... then my friend you're gone because you'll be solely responsible for any consequence of the party. 


3. Washroom Disaster  

ahha... we don't think this one needs any details and description for why is it even a point. the washroom shall be used by many many people. DRUNK people. The people who'll have the least regard for carefulness and have a very bad aim.  

not just that, you'll also be liable to face your 'Kanta Ben' next day (only if you're lucky)... OR ELSE... clean it yourself. 


4. Burden Of Being The Perfect Host 

You’ll be the one who everyone would look to and be like: “Come on, what are we doing now?” So, even you were all sorted for the night activity, you'll suddenly be getting a vibe of a Kindergarten teacher... 

we sure, that's not how you wanna end up feeling during the party! 


5. Post-Party 'Taane'  

The never-ending list of 'taane' is all you'll be left with... 

be it the pados waali aunties who'll be all prepared to talk about how mismanaged you are to the whole mohalla including you! or your 'Kanta Ben' cribbing about the mess you've created last night. 

and ohh... 

do not forget about the long list of cold behavior you'll be facing in the coming days for not inviting the friends you skipped by mistake.