5 More Reasons To Drool Over Vicky Kaushal's Charm!

5 More Reasons To Drool Over Vicky Kaushal's Charm!
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The actor who rose to fame after playing all the versatile role in recent years... There’s no doubt that Vicky Kaushal is Bollywood’s new-age heartthrob. The engineer-turned-actor (thank Goodness for that!) has performed critically acclaimed roles that were heartfelt and moving. If that isn't enough for you to fall in love with this man, these five more reasons would be.

1. Dressing style
An actor’s recognition in Bollywood brings about a huge lot of interest in their personal life by their fans and followers. How they live, what’s their dressing style is what followers long for all the time. Although Vicky Kaushal has justified his outstanding acting abilities time and again but he didn't stop there, we could see Vicky all over the internet, slaying with his great fashion sense. Just remarkable how Mr. Kaushal takes up all the quirky street style combination and makes looking good seem so effortless. Had he not been such a good actor, he definitely would have had a great opportunity in the fashion world.


2. A Raw And Fresh Face
The days when Vicky Kaushal isn’t surprising us with his astonishing acting skills, the charm-boy is all hard-pressed in the fantastic photoshoot that’d make you fall for him even more. Vicky definitely is on a roll to be the next most in-vogue actor in the industry. His raw looks and demure smile are the major factors for girls going crazy about this “Masaan” Boy and we don't blame them. His tall dark handsome persona, muscular frame complementing along those brooding looks make him just the right nominee to be a heartthrob!

3. His Way With Words
Has anyone ever seen him in an interview? The kind of magnetic aura he creates around is awesome. Not just the interviews, we can see him having his way with the words like a pro on his social media account as well. The fans already feel so connected to his updates and his expression of each emotion he chooses to put forward through his posts or tweets. How he expresses his love for acting and his job are so palpable and genuine that it could have only been spoken out of a heart and not a speech letter.

4. Script Picks
“Whenever I read a script or hear the narration of a story, I always treat it from an audience’s point-of-view.”         

     –Vicky Kaushal

If that isn’t the work dedication goals then nobody knows what is. Starting as an assistant in Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur, the 30-year old Vicky Kaushal was very clear about his future aims. After his selection as an actor in Masaan, the lovely actor has not looked back. His movie roles have always been quite exceptional and realistic – be it a man afraid of music in Zubaan, a sinister cop in Raman Raghav 2.0 or who can forget about Kamli in Sanju, Vicky does not just enact his part but lives it.

5. Relatability
Now, Vicky as himself is one person but when he gets into the character he’s supposed to play, we don’t really see Vicky acting it but just the character that comes alive and seems all real and relatable to the audience. The way he justifies each of his roles is so engaging that each of his roles engraves a forever impression on the audience and their lifestyle. Vicky’s character in Sanju as Kamli could’ve been pulled so well be him only. Not just Sanju, Vicky had locked himself for 7 days in a room to play an intense character in Raghu Raman 2.0.

It goes without saying that Mr. Vicky Kaushal is one of the sexiest and promising additions to Bollywood, successfully making a permanent place in our hearts in such a short time.