5 Mistakes Guys Make While Trying To Impress Girls

5 Mistakes Guys Make While Trying To Impress Girls
Men's mistake!

Men, it's high time you upgrade your game to approach ladies for real! Most men make the same basic mistakes and well, the things are not just ruining the one single chance to be with your love interest but also are acting as ‘game killers’. Having said that, let’s have a deeper look at what exactly you’ve been doing wrong all this while...  

1. Being Too Ordinary 

You noticed the girl of your dreams for a reason! Behaviour, beauty, humor or something else that stood her out of the crowd. And now if you know she is different and special for you, how do you expect her to notice you with such an ordinary *nice guy* image. She’s different there’ll be plenty of nice fishes in the pond for her! Show her the real gem that you actually are... and Bam! There you have your dream girl... maybe?! 



2. Show-Off 

Almost everyone seems to try this one irrespective of the fact that it backfires each time. Like why would a girl be interested in your ‘Rajwada Khandan’ background while she has just met you? Okay... you’ve reached where you are today with a lot of hard work but shouldn’t we just let that be? Well, because frankly... bragging about your wealth and hard work ain’t taking you anywhere with your love interest.  



3. Blabber-machine 

Now creating conversations is an art and well, we all seem to believe we’re great at it but is that really true? Guys need to understand that there’s a thin line between a pro-conversation starter and a blabber... And believe me, the latter is just a pro at being the game killer, nothing else( unless, you're Chandler Bing!). 



4. Wrong Texting Game 

Now your texting game has to be super subtle! Neither too much nor too low... I mean, come on! If you’ll obsessively text a woman with whom you’ve gone on a handful of dates (or just one), you’ll rather scare her away. She will literally drown the chance of your romantic angle in your waterfall of texts... while on the other side of the coin, pretending like you don’t care through the ten-hour text delay won’t work in your favor either. Use texts as they were meant to be used—for practical communication purposes... 



5. Too Much Into Themselves 

Bragging about self is even worse than bragging about one’s wealth... I mean, you love her then you should be making ‘her’ feel special about herself not you... A person being too much into their looks their experience and their precious life would simply work as a clear turn off for any girl... And if you cannot work on this then well, maybe you’re the one for yourself, like just YOU!  



And now that you know these minute loopholes that were stopping you to have a real date ever since you’ve known love, its’ time for a much-needed update. And finally, well, brace yourself for having the love of your life, any moment now and you’re good to go...