5 Crazy Things Your Friend Has Done After Getting "Talli"

5 Crazy Things Your Friend Has Done After Getting "Talli"

The Best feeling ever?! Well, it has to be when we are around our best buddies and even better when we plan to drink our hearts out...

But Hey! Hey! Have you ever noticed how your docile and introvert friend turns into an overly enthusiastic extrovert when you guys got drunk?!


Then allow us to take you back to your memories when your friend was all up for the craziest things each time they were talli!! 



1. Gaadi Garaari 

“Gaadi Tera Bhai Chalayega...” 

Now, you’ll be lying if you say that you’ve never heard of this phrase coming out of your friend. Well, especially when they are barely capable of driving themselves by themselves. 



2. Aur Bottle Lao! 

“Ek Bottle Aur Peeni Hai, Saali Aaj Chad Hi Nnahi Rahi Hai...” 

These holy words were spoken exactly when your dear friend is completely hammered and all set to take a flight to the whole new world of fictional fantasy... 



3. Mera Pyaar! 

“Yaar Teri Bhabhi Se Baat Karni Hai” 

And that works both ways! Doesn't really matter if that ‘Bhabhi’ is in your ‘Bhaiyas’ life anymore or not... The adamancy to talk to their girl irrespective of what hour of the day is it...  

After all, ‘Pyaar Toh Andhaa Hota Hai’ and well, alcohol works just as a catalyst to prove that thought. 



4. Bill Payment Garaari 

“Ab Bill Toh Tera Bhai Hi Bharega” 

No matter how 'Kangal' your buddy otherwise is, the moment this magical tonic flows down their throat... This human is the most generous and rich being in the whole wide world.  

The beauty of this situation is... amid all these ‘garaari’ this person doesn't even want to know the amount for which he is screwing himself... 



5. Absurd Dance Moves 

National Drunk Dance: ‘Naagin’ Dance 

The national drunk dance has to be the very desi Nagin dance which your drunk friend naturally adapts once they are all set to party. I mean, can you even try to forget, how beautifully your friend turns into the Nagin avatar once they’re all boozed out?! 



Now that you’re all wrapped up with all the memories relating to these points... shouldn’t you be tagging your besties with whom you’ve lived these moments?!