3 People Who Are Giving Us Passion Goals!

3 People Who Are Giving Us Passion Goals!

In a country like India, talent has no limit and boundaries.

A country like the over-populated India has many hidden talents which may or may not get the opportunity to grow. In such difficult circumstances, there are only a few who are willing to take extra effort and make sure their presence is felt around the world. Singers, artists, bloggers, and more are acquiring a lot of exposure through various social media platforms.

Here, we will talk about 3 such achievers who had no such support to enter the world of media and art, but the JUNOON to excel in their field of interest took them ahead.

Have you ever experienced any kinda dream which didn’t let you sleep at night?

The below discussed people are not only doing great in their respective profession but they are also going beyond horizons and doing what they are passionate about (hidden talents they posses). Through all this, they are also helping others lead better lives in many ways.

1. The Acoustic Trigger

It is absolutely not about being famous or proper famousness. There are underground singers on Instagram who are killing the show.

Source: https://bit.ly/2Ehwr9D

My top Instagram pick is the crux for the artistic essence – The Acoustic Trigger (Sid Sharma).

The Acoustic Trigger feed is always a must watch thing on our daily to-do list. While doing whatever best for the nation, he is also devoting some time for his passion, which is singing and playing different music instruments. This guy never failed to take us to a whole new world each time he plays on his strings.



Recently, he started his own YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/sidfallenangel where you can listen to his very own compositions.




On his feed, you’ll find write-ups, his love for pets and of course his travel dairies.



And plus guys, when he goes live on Instagram, he sings on demand songs as well, isn’t that a crazy thing!



Well, go follow this SUREELA HUNK! So might never miss his melodious covers.


2. Himalayan_girl

My one of the top Instagram picks – Himalayan Girl!



Neha Ralli, Himalayan girl combines health, lifestyle, fitness, nature, and travel through the lens of a young native himachali woman fighting for a better world.







Himalayan girl’s feed is a deep look into the life of farmers, wildlife, hidden gems of our planet, and various mountain ranges. Neha’s travel and photography are a balance of self-analysed and flamboyant scenes of intimate life around the Himalayas and India.





Neha’s feed provides a glimpse into the original side of Himalayas and also brooding cleanliness scenes that remains very elusive to most people travelling to Himalayas or event the natives.



This makes Himalayan girl’s feed worthy to follow. Her feed is crisp, deep, and refreshing. You’ll truly feel like you’re there with her in every shot.


3. Rajwansh Art

Aman Rajwansh, the owner of Rajwansh Art is renowned for a beautiful series of DESI AVATARS of Hollywood stars. The work ranges from absolute abstract to digital illustrations, and the photos he shares on Facebook are just as diverse.




There are full-on candids of his recent works including Sidhu Moose Wala, Diljit Dosanjh, Jazzy B, and Ammy Virk you can find on social media platform. His illustrations are featured in “Creative Gaga” – a famous Indian artist magazine.






Rajwansh’s feed gives artists insight into the man’s work, life, and process.