16 Befazool inventions ever.

16 Befazool inventions ever.

We've always been intrigued by the brains of the inventors who have through their talent of knowledge blessed this world with great inventions that has made our lives easier and better. We are thankful to the gifts, science and technology has given us. Let's show our appreciation while discussing few of these great 'Befazool' inventions :


Well if you ever took your dog out for a walk in rain, you would understand how important this befazool invention is.  Why can’t dogs have all the fun?



This befazool invention is a must for me when I have to find kitchen at the middle of a night to feed the hungry beast in my tummy.


 3. SLEEPING WITH ARMS AND LEGS. I think the god has answered all our prayers and gave humanity this divine gift.


Don’t you worry single ladies, we got you covered. With this pillow, who says we need a man.


Is it too selfish to use our babies to mop the floor? I say no, let those little buggers get to work.



Hmmmm the office hours are going to be fun now.





Where have you been all my life?

8. EASY EAR EXPLORER. One look at this and we are screaming ‘ Just shut up and Take my money ’


9. NEVER ENDING BUBBLE WRAP. aah, sorry boss I won’t be able to make it to office today and tomorrow, wait let me just call you back in a week.


10. SOLAR ENERGY LIGHTER. A problem solver to “bhaiya, machis hai?” keep this in your pocket and be the energy saver, eco-friendly swagger in your group (while slowly dying of cancer)


11. CAT MEOW MACHINE - This 1963 mechanical cat meowing device  can meow repeatedly with eyes lighting up each time. The inventor of this befazool invention must be very scared of rats and mice. Ever heard of mouse traps or a rat killer poison or keeping a real cat bro?


12. CHAIN-SMOKING DEVICE Ever got tired of smoking one cigarette and then another and then another. We have finally found a solution for all our smoker friends. Smoke them all up together and go at a top speed to death bed, with a style of course.


13. DYNASPHERE - An electrically-driven wheel, capable of speeds of 30mph, invented by Mr J. A. Purves of Taunton and his son. This is how a car is supposed to look like. I don’t know where did we go wrong.

14. GROUP SHAVING MACHINE - This 19th-century machine could shave a dozen men at once. One reason for its commercial failure was that it could not alter its movements according to face shape. And due to this failure, we have to wait for hours to get shaved at a barbershop. Just fix it god damn.

15. TOMATAN - A bow down to this inventor, who invented this wearable robot that feeds us tomatoes. Invented by the Japanese juice vendor Kagome, it sits in a harness behind our head, pulls out tomatoes and puts them directly in our mouth as we run. It even has a timer. How thoughtful of him!!


I don’t know how this was called an invention but you can’t disqualify it as one either. This can get as weird as unbelievable. In 1975, Gary Dahl, a marketing executive from California, somehow figured out decorating rocks and selling them as pets. In just six months, Dahl sold more than 5 million pet rocks, raking in a profit more than $56 million in present economy. Are you sure this isn’t the craziest befazool invention.


Let us know if you know any Befaltu invention we skipped.