10 Typical Indian Parent's Excuses To Get You Married

10 Typical Indian Parent's Excuses To Get You Married

Isn’t it amazing to have someone in your life to annoy for the rest of eternity?

Well, if you ask us, it is great to find that special person in your life. But, there is some point of time in life when you want to get married and settle down.

Hold on, guysss! Not in India. Here, you just need an excuse to get married. Parents in India come up with the strangest reasons to get their children married.

They say, marriages are made in heaven. However, for Indian parents marriages are made on the basis of just any absurd excuse. Sorry, but don’t get us wrong, this is the matter of your entire life and it should be done when you’re ready for commitment and take those responsibilities.

“Meet a person, know the person, and when you’re in love with him/her then think about marriage” this should be the normal process of getting married with someone.

But, here are some bizarre reasons (emotional, funny, or serious) that parents in India have to get you hitched.


Marriage isn't a joke, so do it, when you feel like! 

Warna Umar Bhar Pachtaoge....