10 Tricks Ingenious Parents Are Using To Keep Their Kids Out Of Trouble

10 Tricks Ingenious Parents Are Using To Keep Their Kids Out Of Trouble

Being a parent is not an easy job and above that being a new parent is not at all easy. Diving headfirst into the dark, cold sea of parenthood, it’s something many couples fear. What to do when a baby cries… is the baby hungry or is it something else? What baby food is right? Buying baby products… etc., etc…

And above all, keeping the baby safe from this ‘dangerous’ world becomes a top priority. But whatever you do, one should never say ‘no’ to any help that one can get. This is a small list of tricks from some ingenious parents to protect and keep your child safe and away from harm.

Here we go…

1. You know how crazy kids are for sweets!

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2. ‘Disguise’ is a parent’s best friend

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3. Having difficulty explaining the concept of time to your kids?

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4. Thinking of what to do with the old cot?

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5. A day out on the beach turns more relaxing this way

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6. A child is full of imaginations, but you gotta keep those walls clean!

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7. Left shoe in the left leg and right shoe in the right, problem solved!

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8. Teaching tidiness in his own game!

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9. Tensed about dripping ice-cream and dirty clothes? Worry no more!

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10. Finding your lost stuff is not a difficult job anymore, just tell your kids to do it

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