10 Things To Remember To Keep Your Car Running Healthy!

10 Things To Remember To Keep Your  Car Running Healthy!

Are you the type of person who loves their car and keeps it safe from the horrors of the world? Well, the things are, you bought a car because you really liked it and caring for it as a prized possession is your duty.  Like all the other important things, your car has the right to receive your love and care. And caring doesn’t just mean getting those expensive repairs done when your cars meet with a mishap. We mean caring in those little ways that would otherwise add up to form one big problem.

If you didn’t think of it, check the following list of things you should keep in your mind to keep your car going. Thank us later!

1. Don’t press the off button while driving

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2. No abrupt braking or excessive acceleration

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3. Don’t select ‘Reverse’ while driving

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4. Avoid extremely low or high tire pressure

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5. Don’t overfill the car engine

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6. Don’t overlook the fuel sign

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7. Don’t overload the clutch

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8. Don’t ignore the warning indicators

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9. Don’t wash your car with dishwashing detergents

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10. Don’t attach too many keys to the ignition key

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