10 Countries You Didn't Know Are Income Tax Free!

10 Countries You Didn't Know Are Income Tax Free!

Income tax is the tax you pay to the government from your personal income. As an Indian, we know the whole process that goes when the date for the filling of Income tax is announced. Nobody likes to pay income tax, it’s the truth no matter what you say. If given a chance to keep your hard earned money to yourself, won’t you do it? Well, it’s not possible here in India and if you’re doing it, good luck when the Income Tax department comes knocking at your door.

For now, we will tell you the 10 countries with no income tax. Read it and weep!

1. United Arab Emirates

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2. The Bahamas

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3. Bermuda

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4. Oman

Picture Credit:https://cnn.it/2R9iWeM

5. Bahrain

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6. Qatar

Picture Credit:https://read.bi/2R4Tt60

7. Saudi Arabia

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8. Cayman Islands

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9. Kuwait

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10. Brunei

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