10 Common Relationship Mistakes You're Making Right Now

10 Common Relationship Mistakes You're Making Right Now

Are you through with the honeymoon phase of your relationship and beginning to sober up? Congrats, you are now seeing that person in the light of day and thinking why in the first place you fell for such an idiot! Armed with the ‘know-it-all’ attitude to take matters in your hand? Well, in that case, you are screwed! Wake up to reality, people! You don’t know a thing about relationships and you are on the road to creating a mess of what is left of that dying bond. You are making these 10 mistakes, correct every single of them before you turn single, AGAIN!


Number 10. Trying to change the other person

Number 10

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You both said ‘yes’ to each other, remember? You accepted them for the person they were, so why do you want to change them now? Would you like it if they changed you, we guess not. You get the point, right? If he wears running shoes with formal trousers, don’t pass a comment rudely. Rather tell him he looks sexy but would look better with a pair of loafers. Same way if your girlfriend ties her hair in a bun and you like it open while making out, communicate your preference, positively!


Number 9. Not showing love in a way they like

number 9

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You might love it when your man brings you a bouquet of roses in the evening, it gets you all smiling. But that might not work the other way round, he has different likes and you must respect that. Maybe a massage at night to relieve his stress, the best way to show your love! And boy, you ain't getting her tickets to the next football match if sports isn’t her thing. Write a sweet note to her and she’ll be happy all week. Easy!


Number 8. Still believing in fairy tales

number 8

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Okay people, time to get out of the fairy tale trance! Learn and accept that real life is far from what they show in movies, so you ain't getting that prince charming. Maybe you are, but he isn’t what you read in that romantic novel! You will eventually get out of the infatuation stage and face what true humans are like, so just stop expecting him to plan exotic dates every week! A ‘love you’ text is good enough, at least it’s real!


Number 7. Not appreciating

number 7

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Once and for all learn that nobody is perfect, not even you! We all have our own flaws and we just learn to live with them. For once overlook that he forgets special dates, pay attention to the fact that he makes you breakfast in bed. Well, that’s more important to any woman who loves food and is lazy! And the dude can you forget about her lack of cooking skills? Her financial planning skills are bang on; you could appreciate that in her!


Number 6. Not taking care of yourself

number 6

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I’ve got the person am gonna spend my life with, we are going good. So why bother about grooming myself so often? If you are guilty of this, know that it isn’t helping your relationship. Wax your legs; he loves to touch them while whispering sweet nothings in your ears. Dude would you change that tee now, you’ve been wearing it for 6 days in a row! She isn’t making love to you if you smell like a pig, the choice is yours!


Number 5. Snooping their phone

number 5

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You have been busy the past whole month and have not given enough time to your significant other. That happens; don’t think that they have found someone else! Lady, are you tempted to snoop on his phone and find out about a ‘side’ chick? Better to talk to him directly about your doubts because checking his phone would make things bitter. You know the worst? He catches you red-handed, be prepared to answer then! Gentlemen, we warn you against the same!


Number 4. Not respecting personal space

number 4

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Yea you surely love him but is there a need to show your lovey-dovey side always? If he is upset, the mush can wait! Maybe he doesn’t want to pour his heart out to you and that is OKAY, girl! Give him time to sort things out and he will be more than happy to share his feelings later. This applies the other way round as well despite the general belief that girls prefer to discuss it with their partners. Once in a while, she needs a bubble bath and soft music instead of your shoulder to cry on!


Number 3. Blame game

number 3

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No beating around the bush, we have all done it! Why is it so tough to own our mistakes? Things as petty as switching off lights when you leave can spark up a fight. You thought he would do it but he thought the same about you, in the end, nobody did it. Okay, you can both accept it and end the matter. Why would you dive into a weeklong cold war over it?


Number 2. Not having your own life

number 2

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Being in a romantic relationship is a part of your life; don’t make it your whole life! It is great that you are dating someone but where is the need to push away your friends for it? Balance is the key friends! You can study through the morning, hang out with friends post that and then still make it to a movie and dinner date. It really is that simple, don’t complicate it!


Number 1. Going too fast

number 1

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You met; started talking and a few days later are head over heels in love. Isn’t it too fast? With that emotional rush you are feeling, you overlook the red flags that may have risen up with time. Another couple of weeks into the relationship, you’d realize you’ve ended up with the wrong person! What good did that do to you, nothing, exactly! So ease into a relationship; don’t spend every breath of yours with this new person. Give yourself a window to think over it and let trust develop over time!

Love is a beautiful feeling, guys, live it to the most. Don’t let small things come in the way of your big bond! Are there any other mistakes people are making with their relationships? Tell us in the comment section below and keep checking Befazool Charcha for more.