10 Cheapest Places You Can Travel In The World

10 Cheapest Places You Can Travel In The World

Do you look at your friend’s Fb account and sulk after looking at their latest expensive vacation posts? The reason being you couldn’t afford to go. Yes, we know the pain because we have “been there, don’t that!”  All you want is to travel and see the world but a one side ticket to US costs more than your monthly salary.

Worry not peeps because we have a list of places that you can visit and quench that travel thirst you have without hurting your “deep” pockets.

1. Karpathos, Greece

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2AAtIFy

2. Phuket, Thailand

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2JpskrN

3. Piran, Slovenia

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2t7ai3T

4. Havana, Cuba

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5. Komodo Island, Indonesia

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2Dasfbe

6. Jaipur, India

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2Q70zqP

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2DbnVZj

8. Budapest, Hungary

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9. Trujillo, Peru

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10. Phillippines

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