To All The 'Baniyas' In The House; Our Economy Would Fail Without You.

To All The 'Baniyas' In The House; Our Economy Would Fail Without You.

We all have at least one person in our group of friends who is always calculating the expenses of the one pizza that you had or showing off the latest watch purchased or grumbling about their looks.

If you haven’t guessed till now, that person is the ‘Baniya’ of the group, who on a larger scale contributes to the whole community of Baniyas who own most of the wealth of this country in their respective bank accounts (because Kharcha Nahi Karne Ka).

Source: youtube

From the day a new member of the ‘Baniya’ family is born, a new bank account opens and the whole family celebrates because of a new addition of a person who would count the endless cash at the ‘Galla’.

The ‘Gupta Ji ka beta’ that your parents talk about is the same ‘Baniya’ kid who scores more than you in every test. Baniyas usually are the toppers in almost every field of education. They never miss a class. Gharwale Pyaar Nhi Karte Kya?

Their minds work faster than machines and you would never encounter someone as clever or cunning as a Baniya. They can save a sinking ship or take a business from a rock bottom to new heights.

All that goes in vain because it still remains one of the toughest jobs in the world to make them take out money form their pockets. ‘As fast as a Cheetah; as miser as a Baniya’.

The other trait which is most common among all is the 'looks’. These guys already know their worth and you could see them weeping around their friends expecting for their crush to reply.

But, don’t underestimate them, because they get to enjoy life on a high with their precious luxuries which most of us can’t even afford.


Truly dedicated to all the Goyal’s, Gupta’s, Garg’s, Aggarwal's etc etc.