An Epic Message For His Wife By A Business Tycoon!

An Epic Message For His Wife By A Business Tycoon!

The Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra is not only known for his great entrepreneurial skills, but also for his funny humor and hilarious tweets.

Recently, he came across a bizarre picture of a menu which carried a uproarious dish named as 'delicious roasted husband.' He posted the picture on Twitter saying, "I'm certainly going to think twice about visiting this restaurant with my wife. Don't want her getting any creative ideas....#whatsappwonderbox."



Surely, the dish had a funny name, but husbands all over finding the post very relatable. We can witness this on twitter, as just after the picture got posted online, it went viral in no time. People found it so relatable to their own life that they started commenting the tweet in a very funny way.

Even one of the follower of Mahindra warned him not to take his wife to the restaurant.

Isn't it amazing to see a business tycoon doing such funny things?

Here are some mind-boggling reactions:








Well, it was just the translation of something written in Chinese. But this rib-tickling picture left the Netizens burst into laughter and feeling sorry for all husbands.

Keep entertaining us Anand Ji!