About Us


  • We are the 'significance' in the insignificance.
  • We are the 'relevance' in irrelevance.
  • We are the irony that is here to lighten up your day.
  • We are the befazool clan.
  • Why do you need befazool-iat, you ask?

In all the depth and seriousness of our conveniently self-created complication of a life— We all need that one joke, that one vine, that one article, that one rhyme that takes away the grit of it all ! We, the befazool, are the umbrella to your rain of monotony. On becoming a member of our wonderful family, you'll find everything you need from laughter to a little lay-man advice, from fashion trends to throwbacks, just about anything that crosses your mind in those idle minutes of your day. Befazool focuses on bringing out the lighter side of you. Befazool's essence is to steal your mind for a while, from this thoroughfare that is life!

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